Christina Milian is a famous singer who disappeared from the music scene for a spell but now the Cuban-American firehouse is ready to get her career back on track with a new reality documentary television series called Christina Milian Turned Up. The singer and actress have decided to show America on E! how she was living her life with her Cuban-American family while revving up and reviving her career in music once more.

About Christina Milian’s Turned Up

 The show premiered on January 18, 2015 with the pilot episode entitled “Meet the Milians.”

The show is now on its second season and has featured everything from her disastrous family camping plans, losing her voice up to shooting a music video for her new single. The show truly lives up to its title as the feisty singer turns up her personal life and career up a notch. Although the documentary show promised an insight to Milian’s personal relationship with boyfriend, Lil Wayne, viewers have been shown minimal features on it. There had been no television appearances by her man as well.

Nevertheless, Christina is keeping her viewers on E! on their toes and all “turned up” as surprises keep on popping episode after episode!

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