Imagine being the ultimate bachelor, having the time of your single, carefree life; then suddenly, a twenty-year old guy comes to you declaring that he is your son. On top of that, the guy is toting a pretty little girl who just happens to be your son’s daughter. Yes, just like John Stamos in the new TV show, you have been Grandfathered!

Grandfathered – A Crazy, New Comedy Hit Series

Grandfathered is the crazy new comedy TV series that hit the air last September 2015 and has been met with great optimism. The story line basically revolves around Jimmy Martino (Stamos) who finds out he’s got a kid who also has a kid. Now, his whole life is turned upside down as he tries to fit into the role of being a father and a grandfather.

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Josh Peck plays the son while Christina Milian plays the over protective mother of Martino’s new grandkid. Milian and Peck, known as Vanessa and Gerald in the show, happen to create a baby out of a one night stand. However, when Milian’s character meets Stamos’, the whole equation even gets more complicated as Vanessa seems to be more attracted to the grandfather than to the father of her child. Joining the talented, funny cast are Paget Brewster, Josh Peck, Ravi Patel as well as other surprise guests!

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