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Adrian Grenier started his bid for a career in Hollywood in 1997. He left Bard College in New York to pursue a film career which he eventually started by debuting in an independent drama film called Arresting Gena. Two years after, he joined Sabrina teen sensation Melissa Joan Hart in Drive Me Crazy as well as starred in James Toback’s Harvard Man in 2001.

It was in 2004 however, that this American actor gained popularity, success and notability when he starred as Vincent Chase in the HBO series Entourage. The series about the triumphs and trials loosely based on producer Mark Wahlberg’s experience as an up and coming film star ran for 8 seasons. Adrian played lead role from 2004 to 2011 as the series was nominated for a number of Emmy Awards which included Outstanding Comedy Series.

Adrian Grenier starred in a couple of well-received films while filming Entourage. He starred as Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend in the popular film The Devil Wears Prada among others. Eventually, Adrian has branched out from acting and is now also directing and producing through Reckless Productions, a company he started with some partners. It is obvious that this handsome young actor is going places and the world is looking forward to more of his works.

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