The duo STEELE is made up of high school friends, Bo Steele and Ben Rubino. They began playing music together at age 14 in Winston County, Alabama. They are singer/songwriters who believe very strongly in sharing their life experiences with their fans through music. The duo has explored various genres of music and have evolved into the artists they are today by being true to themselves and their fans. This is evident in their songs, which tell stories of life, as they know it, as musicians and at home in a small town in rural Alabama.

Bo and Ben achieved a tremendous amount of Internet attention, when a video of Bo singing in a hospital waiting room went viral. It has reached well over 1.5 million views and is still garnering incredibly inspiring positive comments daily. The pair had their television debut on WHNT News 19 in Huntsville, Alabama where they had become local celebrities. The duo were also featured on the “Rick and Bubba Show”, a nationally syndicated radio talk show, where their music was aired and chosen as “keep it”, a radio success!

The duo was so moved by the story of a 10 year old girl from Kentucky  who was killed by a drunk driver, that they were inspired to create a charitable release of a single called “Destiny”. This song was written in support of the Destiny’s Hope Foundation. This charity was created to help families of children who were killed or seriously injured due to the actions of a DUI driver.

There is no stopping the undeniable momentum of STEELE!
With their unique combination of astonishing vocals and unforgettable melodies, they bring a captivating and surprising burst of modern country/rock flavor to today’s country music scene and to fans of any musical genre!!


They are looking for a location to allow them to film their performance for their next music video on April 13, 15, 16 or 17th.

The Dynamic Duo are booking introductory shows at this time. If you have interest having them guest appear at your venue before the film comes out and they start touring…


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