23 October 2015: One Eyed Spirits, the makers of Ron de Jeremy Rum, and Spirit Cartel, the rogue purveyors of spirits to the obscenely discerning, are launching the sublimely tantalising Ron de Jeremy XO Rum in the UK.

In line with Spirit Cartel’s mantra, Ron de Jeremy XO is more than a bit different. Packaged in an erotic black bottle, this beautiful sipping rum celebrates the Xtra Ordinary life of the legendary Ron Jeremy, a world-renowned adult ‘entertainer’ and pop culture icon.

The playful, tongue-in-cheek nature of the brand belies the super-premium quality and provenance of the liquid, which includes hand-selected pot and column still distilled rums from Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana, all aged for up to 15 years in American oak barrels previously used for bourbon.

In the mouth, Ron de Jeremy XO (40% ABV) is very much for savouring. It is seriously complex and sophisticated, rich with oak tannins, fruit and spice and hints of caramelised nuts and honey. Ron de Jeremy XO is velvety and seductively smooth with sweet oak notes and features the signature Ron de Jeremy long finish that most mere mortals can only dream of.

Ron de Jeremy XO completes the award-winning portfolio of Ron de Jeremy Reserva (40% ABV) and bartenders’ favourite Ron de Jeremy Hardcore Spiced (47% ABV), which are already available in the UK.

One Eyed Spirits CEO and brand owner, Olli Hietalahti says: “We are delighted to introduce this beautifully crafted addition to the Ron de Jeremy range in the UK. Having already seen great success across Europe, it truly meets the needs of the rum connoisseur and the expectations of the experimental bartender, as well as people who enjoy the finer things in life—always with a sense of humour—so it’s no wonder it has quickly become our best-selling expression.”

Spirit Cartel Consiglieri, Charles Marshall comments: “We give our customers what they want; something different, daring and always superior quality. Ron de Jeremy XO is a fine addition to any top shelf.”

The Ron de Jeremy brand is growing at 10.5% in the UK. Ron de Jeremy Hardcore Spiced is growing at 23%, almost double the rate of the spiced rum sector (11.8%)1.

Widely available at all good wholesalers, e-tailers and wine merchants, Ron de Jeremy XO has an RRP of £40.95.

Bottoms up!


Note to editors:

The Spanish word for rum is Ron. Only one Ron is larger than life – Ron ‘The Hedgehog’ Jeremy.  He is considered the most famous adult entertainment star of all time, an icon of popular culture and a living legend. He has become a global crossover star appearing in mainstream movies, over 50 MTV music videos, talk shows and reality shows. His biography was a NY Times bestseller. A documentary of his life has been shown worldwide.

Ron de Jeremy XO Tasting notes

Colour: The rum displays a bright golden amber colour with reddish, copper hues

Nose: The aroma is rich with oak, fruit and spice, with hints of caramelised nuts and honey

Palate: The rum is velvety and seductive

Finish: The deeply satisfying finish is characteristically long and smooth with sweet oak notes that leave you begging for more


Savour neat or on the rocks and remember what Ron always says: “Enjoy responsibly”

1CGA MAT to 21 March 2015, On-trade


2014 Rum Masters: Gold Medal for Ron de Jeremy Reserva and Master Medal for Ron de Jeremy Hardcore Spiced.

Enjoy Responsibly


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