Jay Sean has been the king of successful reinvention since his 2004 debut in the UK. Credited by many as pushing. What was then, just an “Asian underground” scene into the forefront of British musical culture. Becoming the undisputed peoples’ champion along the way with Beatles like hysteria everywhere he went.

Jay Sean’s combination of R&B/Indian flavoured songs and a rabid fan base quickly landed him a major recording deal.Jay continued to have commercial and grassroots success, with several top 10 singles in the UK and a touring career that took him to almost every country in the world.
Jay then flexed his entrepreneurial muscles and started his own record label, “Jayded Records.” He went on to release one of the most successful independent Urban albums the UK has ever seen. “My Own Way” spawned the global hit “Ride it”. Charted heavily all over the world and catapulted the album to #1 on the UK Urban album charts.