Named “Best Country Artist” by the Hollywood Music And Media Awards. Dubbed Music Row’s Renegade Radio Nashville’s New Face of Country, Tiffany Ashton blazes towards reaching her dreams.  Tiffany debuts her new album “Crazy Bout You” at her show in Nashville during this year’s CMAfest. Based on her accomplishments, Tiffany is a member of The Recording Academy and also as a GRAMMY voter. The 19-year-old is well on her way to achieving her dream of performing on the GRAMMY stage.  With five major award wins spanning coast to coast, media has referred to Tiffany as “the one to watch”.

Tiffany Ashton’s modern country mixed with a vibrant pop sound and her straightforward songwriting leave fans talking about her.  “Music has a way of expressing complicated feelings.  As a songwriter, I write about life candidly.

Whether it is love, heartbreak, having a good time, and everything in between. That’s the heartbeat of music and that’s what I love to share.”  Her love and connection to her fans are refreshing. They are falling head over heels for Tiffany and her authenticity.

With five major award wins from coast to coast. “Best Country Artist” at the Hollywood Media and Music Awards and also “Best Female Country Artist” at the Carolina Music Awards, the media has referred to Tiffany as “the one to watch.”

“My passion has always been music,” Tiffany says, “and to be able to do what I do is an absolute dream. The best feeling in the world is to play my songs at a show and see someone smiling back at me, singing every word.” After writing hundreds of songs and performing nationally, she has joined the bill with many artists including Brothers Osborne, LoCash, The Oak Ridge Boys, Luke Combs, Natalie Stovall, Bucky Covington, Cimorelli, and Mac Powell of Third Day.


Yet another Country Singer takes on America!