Who Is Nikki Bella and How To Book Her For Your Event?

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Nikki Bella

Let us dive further

Before booking her for your event, you need to know who Nikki Bella is. Notwithstanding, let me rapidly take you through a couple of her stunning accomplishments so that you would know the prevalence and love that this glorious entertainer holds among a great many her fans.

  • Nikki Bella has obtained colossal prominence and acclaim for her stint at the WWE.

  • Now retired, this former professional wrestler had made a mark for herself and her twin sister Brie by starting their career at the Florida Championship Wrestling, forming the duo the Bella Twins.

  • She debuted at the SmackDown in 2008.

  • A two-time Divas Champion, Nikki holds the world record for the longest reign to the title. Check out a list of her work at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3042731/.

  • In November 2015, Bella was also ranked number one in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50.

  • She was also titled as the Diva of the Year by Rolling Stone in December 2015.

  • In 2016, she and Brie also won the Choice Female Athlete Award at the Teen Choice Awards.

  • Nikki is also credited for her sizzling performances in many movies and music videos.

Nikki Bella isn’t just beauty but an amazing human being and charitable person. She has devoted her considerable part of her life to illuminate the lives of numerous around her. You can also look at some of her significant contributions at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikki_Bella.

Social media prominence second to none

Her brilliant appeal and charming magnificence have given Nikki immense love and prevalence from her fans. With an astounding 9.5 million devotees on Instagram and more than 3.6 million supporters and her sister on Twitter, Nikki Bella most likely appreciates being at the head of her game. You can undoubtedly comprehend the effect that she would make for your brand if she associates with you.

Nikki isn’t just a superb individual but an exhaustive performer. She can undoubtedly associate with everybody around her and is the ideal decision for illuminating your corporate events.

Let me take you rapidly at how these functions!

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Trusted corporate event booking agent for Nikki Bella for a considerable length of time

I accept it as an issue of personal pride for being the reliable corporate event booking agent for Nikki Bella. All the events that I have booked for her so far have been appreciated in all spheres. So, I am certain that I can contribute to the accomplishment of your business without any problem.

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Celebrity booking agent with experience and mastery

I have an incredible encounter of filling in as a celebrity booking agent. So I realize each approach to enable your corporate event to pick up a reputation with your preferred celebrity’s nearness. Also, I have each timetable and data about Nikki Bella; so, you can undoubtedly connect with me.

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