How To Book The Journey Band For Your Event?

The Rock sensation of America, Journey, always have in ties everyone around them which their magnetic stage appearance and power-packed performances.

They are hugely popular through the decades and still spellbind their audiences with their incredible musical enchantment.

So, how do you feel if you could connect with them over a corporate event performed exclusively for your company and create a significant impact amongst your peers with their help?

As magnificent and unreachable as it may sound, this whole idea can be true. All you need to do is connect with me at the earliest, and I will take care of the rest without any difficulty.

As a trusted event booking agent for the Journey for over 20 years, I have gained a massive reputation among my clients to successfully conduct amazing corporate events with the Journey performing exclusively for these business houses.

Let us take this forward and hold a meeting with both of you. And, who knows? The band might endorse your brand next, extract a fantastic customer base, and give your business more significant heights.


The charismatic band with a magical appearance

The band’s journey began almost five decades ago, and there is no looking back ever since. They have created and broken many records in Rock music and mesmerized their audience with their massive appeal.

  • Initially, during their first 14 years (1973-1987), they had experimented extensively with their musical approach and personnel.
  • This made them the torque touring and recording band of the time.
  • In 1977, they hired Steve Perry, lead vocalist and front-man, to give the band a more substantial representation.
  • Post Steve Perry’s introduction in the band, the fourth album Infinity sold about a million copies within a year.
  • The major turning point in their life came to win in the released another album, Escape, which broke all records and put them on the top pranks of all Rock and pop music groups.
  • Escape gave them the sensational three top ten hit singles, which crafted their path towards massive success further.
  • In the next three incredible decades of their existence, they achieved a Diamond, eight multi-platinum plateaus, two platinum, and five gold statuses. Check out to know more about their outstanding musical contributions.
  • Their song “Don’t Stop Believing” is recorded as the top-selling catalog track in iTunes’ history with a download history of more than three million.
  • Throughout their outstanding career, they have sold more than 48 million albums across the United States, thereby becoming the 25th best-selling band.
  • Their global sales have also crossed 90 million albums so far.

The Journey continues to be a global sensation in the world of rock music. They have rightfully created a mark of honor for themselves and rave reviews for all their performances so far from their audiences. Their stunning performances on any event have always been appreciated by one and all. Please get to know them more by visiting I am sure you will be amazed by their exceptional contributions to music and music lovers’ world.

An amazing Social Media Recognition

Their electrifying intrigue and attractive personalities have made an enchanted appeal among their fans. They have a robust social media presence with a mind-boggling 82.4k fans on Instagram and more than 264.4K followers on Twitter. This makes them the supreme rock sovereign. So, now you would be able to grasp the impact that they would acquire for your business if they performed in your corporate event.

The journey isn’t only a rock band par excellence. They can, without a very remarkable stretch, charm the crowd around them. So, they will easily influence your audience to give you a thriving business.

Let me now quickly give you a quick insight into hiring them!

I am a trusted corporate booking agent for Journey and can assist you with interfacing with them. I can book them to perform at your event also.

I have been working with the band on such events and shows for quite a while. This places me in a spot where every one of my appointments and celebrity events is an immense success. So, I center around having a more extensive effect with these celebrity events on your business development.

A journey has a never-ending persona who can spellbind each person with their beautiful voices and eclectic appeal. I am sure with their fantastic appearance in your event; you will also get astonishing fame and recognition among your clients and associates. If it’s not too much trouble, allow me to acknowledge this open entryway of familiarizing you with the band.

Trusted corporate event booking agent for the Journey

I genuinely feel blessed to be a corporate event booking operator for Journey. All the events that I have held for them so far have given tremendous turnouts. So, I am sure that I can contribute to your business’ achievement right away.

I can organize a personal meeting with the band and help you draw the same page for your company’s corporate event. I will also design each strategy so that Journey can give their absolute best to exceed expectations ever so often.

The band enthusiastically performs on different corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, group events, and any other endorsement venture. If you are quick to get some answers concerning their forthcoming schedule, don’t stop for a second to associate with me soon. I will be more than energetic and glad to help you in every conceivable way. You have to give me your favored date and prerequisites, and I will design everything else.

Celebrity Booking Agent with Experience and Skill

I have an incredible experience of filling in as a celebrity booking agent. So I put in each effort to empower your corporate event to get pervasiveness in association with your brand identity. Also, I have a detailed timetable and other essential data about Journey.

If you are thinking about organizing a corporate event, and need Journey to perform at the event, don’t stop for a second to reach out to me today. I will guarantee that the event is the most noteworthy and fruitful in your life with a ground-breaking, straightforward, and hassle-free strategy!