How to Find Celebrities for Hire Online

We were limited by the pandemic for more than two years and now everyone is itching to get together and create better, happier memories in our new world.

And one of the surest things that can upgrade any happening is a celebrity appearance or performance.

Now that the world is opening up again after a few years of lockdowns, it’s time to celebrate and celebrate better. 

So if you’re running an event soon, you have to consider hiring a star to make things more exciting for you and your guests.

But, of course, you need to find a way to get in touch with celebrities first. 

There are many online portals that you can use, including social media and agency websites, to hire celebrities for an event.

That’s what we’re discussing in this article, including:

  • Where to find celebrity contacts online,
  • What happens when you get in touch,
  • How you can succeed in closing a deal,
  • How you can do things easier.

So where do you find celebrity contacts online?

How to Find Celebrities for Hire Online - Vivica A. Fox

Most celebrities today can be contacted via their social media handles. If not, they have their business emails on their contact information.

And all you have to do to start reaching out.

Here are some tips to remember when messaging a celebrity via social media or email with the intent of hiring them for your event.

  • Use a professional tone.

Remember that your message is somewhat a proposal letter. You are offering the celebrity money in exchange for their appearance or performance at your event.

So you need to be friendly but clear, direct, and formal.

You want to state what you exactly want the celebrity to do for you. And ensure to ask them what they require for them to pursue your proposal while giving a sense that you are willing to cooperate with any of their requests.

  • Provide proof that you can afford to hire them.

Of course, anyone who can access their social media profile or email address can send them a message. And not everyone who reaches out truly means business.

You want the celebrity to trust that you mean to make a deal, can pay their fee, and accommodate their requirements.

And because they are stars, the costs can be big so they have to know that you can cover them. Or else you can quickly seem like a scam or nuisance.

Often, you are organizing an event for or as a company. If so, you want to introduce the brand and what it does.

Ensure that you can communicate the fact that you are representing a reputable group and have the financial capacity to afford to hire a celebrity.

All you have to do after sending a message is wait for a reply.

But the problem with reaching out this way is that celebrities constantly receive messages from a massive amount of people.

So there’s a chance that they might leave your message unread or respond too late.

So to ensure that you get a celebrity for your event, one of the best things you can do is to contact multiple people at once. This way, there’s a chance that at least one of them responds positively to your request.

Now, when they respond, surely you’re not exchanging messages with the celebrity itself. You’ll be talking to whoever they put in charge of booking, probably the manager, representative or someone from the network the celebrity is tethered to.

And upfront, their demands can be overwhelming especially if you’re dealing with a top-tier celebrity.

If you can afford their requirements, go for it. But it never hurts to bargain a little – simply be professional about it.

Then, after your back and forths, you will be able to process a contract that ensures you get the celebrity for your event.

Get in Touch Via Booking Agency Sites

There are a myriad of celebrity booking agency websites where you can hire celebrities for an event.

There are those that focus on booking in-person celebrity performances and others that offer online appearances.

Hiring a celebrity through these services can be practical, effort and time-wise. That’s because most of these businesses have a catalog of celebrities that help them find you the perfect match for your event needs.

Often, the booking sites would have a form, which is essentially all you need to fill out to get what you want.

But the thing with going for these booking agencies is that the process often costs you more money than directly contacting the celebrity. Naturally, you have to pay the agency too, often with high premiums.

And there’s no problem with that if you can afford it. But, of course, paying less is always better for the budget.

When you close a deal with an online booking agency, all you will then need to do is prepare whatever the celebrity has required on your end including the technical rider if it’s an in-person performance.

So often, you still will have to deal with the celebrity’s representative to plan and process things and furnish some paperwork.

If you haven’t already realized, there’s a lot of work that comes with scouting and hiring a celebrity, even when you reach out online.

The negotiations and processes don’t make things any easier.

And as an event organizer, you already have too much work on your plate. But even if you assign the celebrity booking job to a team member, the guarantee that you get what you want is the same as if you do things yourself.

You need a simpler way – a better connection.

Surely, you might already be thinking of going through a booking site because why not pay for convenience? 

And the answer is because not all ways require you to pay for it – that’s what Mike Esterman offers.

When you reach out and book through Mike, you can skip all the negotiations, paperwork, and hassles. And you don’t pay him – only the celebrity.

How does he do it?

Mike Esterman has been working in and beyond Hollywood for more than two decades, connecting celebrities to businesses and running events in the showbiz arena.

Over the years, he has made excellent business relationships with celebrities. And now through his website, he’s making his extensive connections available to you.

When you book through Mike Esterman, you only deal with him – not agents or representatives. And he will get the paperwork done for you – no hassle.

Think of Mike as your friend who is friends with celebrities. He is your most direct and convenient connection to them and he simply wants to see good relationships get built.

Book through and he will ensure that you get the best celebrity appearance for your event without the hassles.

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